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    At Emerald Marine you will find a shop and shipwrights dedicated to the preservation and restoration of wooden boats. We have experience in all phases of construction and repair including; planking, framing, decking, caulking, propulsion, steering, interior and exterior joinery. Read More
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    Emerald Marine Carpentry is a team of shipwrights, boat builders, and carpenters from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The crew at Emerald Marine is dedicated to helping you keep your vessel in sound working condition for years to come. Read More
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    Anacortes, with it’s long-standing maritime tradition, is centered as “the Gateway to the San Juans” and offers multiple options for exploring the various archipelagos and beyond.  Anacortes itself offers ample moorage, restaurants, services, and opportunities to explore the natural beauty of island living. Read More
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    We're located in the heart of the Anacortes Industrial Park, just 3 blocks from Fidalgo Bay and just down the street from our haul-out and put-in point, which is at the end of 30th St. Read More
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Emerald Marine Carpentry

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Specializing in classic wooden boat repair and restoration - Emerald Marine offers safe and convenient haul out, inside workspace with a shop and crew dedicated to wooden boats. Emerald Marine also specializes in custom woodworking projects for all types of hulls, including fiberglass and steel boats. We have installed custom teak cabinets, headliners and cabin soles.  In addition we’ve designed and built custom interior features such as bunks, storage, aft deck fold down tables and wood instrument panels. The warmth of wood is for everyone.

We are centrally located in beautiful Anacortes, a short distance from Seattle and Vancouver. Contact shipwrights Andrew Stewart and James McMullen about your vessel’s needs or Pat O'Hearn about retail sales. We encourage owner participation.